Wednesday, 19 March 2014

I Was Forced to Start a Online Home Business

I never know one day I will start my own online business and working full time at home. Since from school, I had been taught to study hard and get a good job after graduation. But alas, I'm now taking a different path which would never in my life believe this would be my choice today!

Anyway, there were a lot of reasons that forced me to work at home. First, it was due to retrenchment. My department was viewed as a cost entity than revenue generating entity so was made to close down during the company reform. I was at a lost but strange! I felt a sign of relief since I never liked the job. I was stuck in that job for many years with no breakthrough. The only thing I missed was the pay. Second, because of my mum as she was severely sick and alone at that time. There was no other person who was willing to help so since I'm the eldest, I've to made the sacrifice.

It never crossed my mind to start my own online home business, I had explored other part-time jobs so that I could earn and take care of my mum at the same time but the pay was pathetic. Eventually, I turned to internet and look for other income opportunities. I found something called "affiliate marketing" where you could earn a commission for recommending merchants' products to other people. But provided these people must made a purchase from the merchants and the sale must be confirmed transaction. I thought this was quite easy and there were already people not only making decent income from affiliate marketing but some had become millionaires.

Wow! Imagine my thrill and excitement! This could be my perfect job in the world. There was no fixed working hours, no boss to report to, no super urgent deadlines to meet, no office politics, no fear of retrenchment and ... no travelling. I just hate traffic and crowd!

The only thing you need is computer, internet, a domain and website or blog to start selling. I must say I'm quite a tech savvy person so I should not have problem doing the computer thingie.

So let's the journey begins!

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